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Automation → Obsession → Innovation

Git the Core on, May the perForce be with you Gone


06-2022 (Git Enablement & Adoption Camp, Salesforce)

Huh?🤔 to Aha!😇 - A Refactoring Story

07-2021 (JBCN Conf, 2021, Barcelona, Spain)

Vader & the Army of Validators

10-2021 (Season of Innovation, Salesforce)

Fight Complexity with Functional Programming (Kotlin)

10-2020 (All Things Open, Raleigh, USA)

09-2020 (Kotlin User Group, London)

04-2020 (Kotlin User Group, Berlin)

05-2020 (Kotlin User Group, Hyderabad)

Template-Oriented-Programming (TOP) to Ship Faster, Part-1

Fight Complexity with Functional Programming (Java)

06-2020 (Berlin FP Group, Germany)

05-2020 (JavaBin, Norway)

08-2019 (Salesforce, Hyderabad)

Grow as a Geek (01-2021)