My Talks

Speaking at Salesforce Hyd

He’s an International Speaker and his Tech-Talks were warmly received at:

He is also invited to speak at a prestigious international conference:

  • JBCN Conf, 7-9 September 2020, Barcelona, Spain (This event got cancelled due to COVID-19).

Recorded Talks

Note: Although these talks have the same titles, there have been significant enhancements in the ideas and code in the recent versions of the talk.

Fight Complexity with Functional Programming (Kotlin)

10-2020 (All Things Open, Raleigh, USA)

09-2020 (Kotlin User Group, London)

04-2020 (Kotlin User Group, Berlin)

05-2020 (Kotlin User Group, Hyderabad)

Template-Oriented-Programming (TOP) to Ship Faster, Part-1

Fight Complexity with Functional Programming (Java)

06-2020 (Berlin FP Group, Germany)

05-2020 (JavaBin, Norway)

08-2019 (Salesforce, Hyderabad)